The Woodfill Law Firm specializes in complex litigation that encompass a wide range of topics. While each lawsuit is unique, the nature of a complex legal issue is even more so.

What are some examples of Complex Litigation?

Civil Rights Violations or Constitutional Law pursues litigation services to protect basic civil liberties and human rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and laws provided from local state government. Often times a law firm will cooperate with public interest groups and organizations who have common interest in achieving an overall goal that will impact not only the individual but a group of people that may encounter similar circumstances of rights violations. Hot Topics for civil rights violations:

Discrimination Complaints

Unsafe Labor Conditions

Immigration Policy

Sexual Harassment

Unlawful Termination

Voter Disenfranchisement

Freedom of Religion


Toxic Contamination is also sometimes referred to as environmental lawsuits due to the contamination of the “environment.” While often times this pertains to water, air and land… toxic contamination can cause serious health hazards within the workplace environment as well. Toxic substances infiltrate the environment through many avenues including: reckless waste, dumping and using unsafe building materials for construction. The effects of toxic contamination may lead to serious illness and issues such as cancers, respiratory distress, birth defects, immune diseases and weakened immune systems. Many of these illnesses often impact a person for the rest of their life. Woodfill Law Firm seeks to protect people and property as well as seek compensation for suffering due to health hazards. Areas of Toxic Contamination litigation include:

Chemical Exposure

Vapor Intrusion

Soil & Water Contamination


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